Our Story


Whether you’ve never been fond of cats or you’re a courteous cat lady, you will appreciate the story of how Cat Fence-In came to be.

One lax afternoon at home, Bud Heath (the inventor of the Cat Fence-In product) responded to the loud knocks coming from his front door. Assuming it was just another pesky salesperson, he moved with little urgency toward the rap rap rapping. After stealthy peep hole recognition, the figure on the other side of the door came into clear tunneled view. Relieved to find his woman neighbor friend instead of a Jehovah’s Witness, Buddy gladly opened the door. But relief soon turned to concern when he realized that his neighbor was sobbing in distress.Through broken tears, she managed to break the news that her beloved cat had gotten out the night before, and had been shot dead by a pellet gun. Buddy knew this was the first and last time he ever wanted to hear of a story like this.


“Cat Fence-In started out of necessity. My neighbor’s cat had gotten out one night and was shot by an angry homeowner when it jumped into their yard. It’s true, some people don’t like cats, but for those of us who love our cats, we want to provide safety,” says Heath.

Heath knew it was time to put an end to pet horror stories like those. As an owner of a couple cats himself, he empathized deeply with his neighbor and wanted to prevent something similar happening to his own pets. After an arduous year of creating and quantifying a product that he knew worked, the real test was to get Cat Fence-In into hands of pet owners. During the first few months of production, Heath struggled with rejection and lack of faith in his product:

“People didn’t believe it would work to begin with. We decided to install the device for free at first and advertise in the Cat Fancy magazine. After that, we saw a tremendous increase in orders and business took off at lightening speed from there. Turns out there is a real demand for a dependable product to protect our pets.” – Heath

Cat Fence

Now, over 20 years later, Bud’s intrinsic desire for harmonious coexistence has been manifested in his dependable Cat Fence-In product to keep cats safe and homeowners happy.


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